Frequently Asked Questions for FlexiPrin™

What is Flexiprin™?

Flexiprin™ provides clinically proven nutrients to help reduce inflammation at its source by blocking enzyme pathways that lead to inflammation and pain. It is designed to work both quickly, in as little as 2 hours, and long term to reduce overall inflammation.

It's clinically proven nutrients are designed to help rebuild the cartilage and connective tissue that has been lost or damaged with the aging process. It also provides lubrication and fluid to the joints to help cushion them.

What is BosPure®?

Boswellia serrata is a fragrant tree found in the valleys of India. Its resin is used to make frankincense...but it has also been used to promote joint health and proper inflammatory response for decades. The STRONGEST joint supporter that can be extracted from the tree is considered to be the beta acid, AKBA. The more you have in your Boswellia extract, the better. When you can't tell how much AKBA is in your Boswellia extract - you should be suspicious if it does it will not provide the results. But...Flexiprin delivers a huge amount to your joints - every time - guaranteed.

The special Boswellia serrata extract found in Flexiprin™ has been standardized to have 10% AKBA levels. So with every dose you'll get one of the highest standards of Boswellia extract available.

What does that mean for your aching joints? While HA is helping to boost your synovial fluid and our unique hops extract is helping to control your body's COX-2, this premium Boswellia extract take a FAST EFFECT on your joints when they are aching and throbbing.

Boswellia, especially Boswellia with lots of AKBA, helps to control 5-LOX, another messaging enzyme that can signal trouble in your joints. This helps to make Flexiprin a formula you can feel going to work fast.

What is Cynatine™?

Cynatine™ is a new joint care product designed to maintain healthy joints and fight cartilage damage due to aging and wear and tear. Cynatine has a four-fold mechanism that explains its potential to act as a combined joint health and antioxidant product in a single premium ingredient extracted from New Zealand wool.

  1. Cynatine™ delivers essential sulfur to nourish and strengthen cartilage tissues
  2. Cynatine™ provides the amino acid cysteine, which works with the body's natural chemistry to promote joint comfort
  3. Other amino acids in Cynatine™ stimulate the production of glutathione, one of the body's antioxidant defenders
  4. Cynatine™ works directly to prevent free-radical damage to joint tissues with its powerful antioxidant properties

It is a natural, non-allergic alternative to many other consumer health ingredients including glucosamine and chondroitin. Cynatine's™ patented process makes it possible for the first time for the body to digest natural keratin.

What is Fruitex-B®?

Fruitex-B® is a combination of calcium, boron from plants and fructose from fruits, nuts and legumes. It's been clinically shown to help improve flexibility in those suffering from joint stiffness and inflammatory conditions, including arthritis.

Boron acts as a bodyguard of sorts. It helps you retain and better use the calcium and magnesium that are so vital to the health of your joints. Without this boron-based complex, calcium and magnesium (needed for bone development and joint maintenance) get excreted from the body because they aren't properly absorbed. But...when you add the correct levels of boron-in Fructoborate form-these vitamins and minerals do their job of shielding and safeguarding your body's defenses so it can keep pace with the rebuilding of your joints.

What is Hyal-Joint®?

Hyaluronic acid in joint synovial fluid provides cushioning and reduces friction between bones. A newly developed, orally administered form of hyaluronic acid (Hyal-Joint®) has been shown to relieve joint pain and promote healing. This formulation appears to increase the body's production of hyaluronic acid in the synovial fluid that lubricates the joint.

Hyaluronic Acid is essential lubrication to cushion joints. Comfortable joint movement depends on the presence of synovial fluid in the joint cavities. Hyaluronic acid is the primary natural compound present in the joints. It is produced by specialized cells lining the fluid-filled sac surrounding joints; hyaluronic acid creates a viscous, cushioning environment for joint cartilage, preventing friction from damaging these hard-working tissues. As you develop osteoarthritis hyaluronic acid in the synovial fluid becomes less viscous (less slippery) and loses elasticity. Ensuring optimal levels of cushioning hyaluronic acid is critical to healthy joint function.

What is Perluxan®?

The search for a natural alternative to improve joint health started in the late 1990's when a handful or research companies began looking for natural ways to improve joint health and ease minor pain. The companies researched 230 botanicals and quickly narrowed their search down to 20 candidates to investigate their potential of eventually becoming a natural alternative for pain relief. Out of those 20 candidates, one ingredient stood out above the rest - Hops. Before bringing this product to market the hop extract was put to the only true test - a placebo controlled clinical trial to investigate its effect on joint and discomfort in human subjects. 36 individuals ingested either a placebo or Perluxan® (hops) in capsule form, and the effect of the ingredient to relieve pain after 14 days of supplementation was studied. This study investigated pain severity scores during everyday activities such as walking on a flat surface, up and down stairs, and pain level while in bed, sitting or lying and standing upright. Perluxan® (hops) intake showed a fast acting effect on pain relief and significant improvement on pain which could be measured after only two (2) hours following the first dose. By the end of the second week, it was clear that Perluxan® helped to relieve minor pain during normal daily activities and appears to have improved mobility as well. It was concluded that 14 days of oral Perluxan® supplementation significantly improved parameters of osteoarthritis pain. The effectiveness of Perluxan® was also supported by the extremely limited use of rescue medication in the treatment groups.

Where is Flexiprin™ manufactured?

Flexiprin™ and its ingredients are sourced and manufactured in the United States by Better Health Nutritionals. Better Health Nutritionals maintains strict adherence to current Good Manufacturing Practices as outlined by the FDA. Each formulation is carefully researched, and all raw materials are hand selected and tested before the manufacturing process begins. The finished product undergoes five (5) quality control tests before leaving our manufacturing facility. Better Health Nutritionals is your one-stop marketplace for the world's best supplements, herbs, vitamins, and minerals...all developed to promote your overall wellbeing!

I am on medications. Will Flexiprin™ affect this?

It's always a good idea to consult with your physician or health care provider before starting any new exercise, nutrition or supplementation program, particularly if you suffer from any medical condition or regularly use prescription or over-the-counter medications.

How does Flexiprin™ help with Arthritis?

Flexiprin's ingredients have been proven effective in multiple clinical studies. The proprietary blend of ingredients is the only product on the market that specifically targets the cause of your joint pain AND provides the nutrients necessary to rebuild cartilage and connective tissues.

First it triggers a deactivation of the inflammatory process in the joints. By taking Flexiprin™ it turns off the killer t-cells and tells them to stop attacking our joints. This leads to the slow-down of the destructive cycle and a reduction of pain and inflammation in the joint.

By reducing inflammation you reduce pain and you encourage healing. This allows our other proprietary ingredients in Flexiprin™ to start repairing and rebuilding the cartilage within your joints - which gives you amazing freedom and allows you to start living your life again - PAIN FREE! We have multiple studies that prove that the ingredients in Flexiprin™ are incredibly effective.

Can anyone take Flexiprin™?

Flexiprin is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing.

What are the Ingredients in Flexiprin™?

How many capsules are in a month supply of Flexiprin™?

Each 1 month supply contains 60 capsules.

Does Flexiprin™ have any special Medical Considerations or Recommendations?

If you are using any prescription drugs or have a medical condition, consult with your physician or licensed qualified health care professional before using this product.

What is the suggested usage (How much and when should I take Flexiprin™)?

Adults take two (2) capsules, two times per day for the first month of use. Thereafter, you may reduce intake to two (2) capsules once per day for maintenance.

Does Flexiprin™ cause any side effects?

The ingredients in Flexiprin™ have no reported side effects unlike prescription products.

  • Proven safe on liver functions
  • No changes in heart or kidney function markers
  • No allergic reactions
  • Safe for diabetics

Does Flexiprin™ offer a Guarantee?

At Better Health Nutritionals your satisfaction is our primary goal. That's why we offer you this unconditional, 90 money back guarantee:

If you are ever less than fully satisfied with any Better Health Nutritionals product, let us know before 90 days from your original order date has passed and we will send you a prompt refund on your most recent purchase (less shipping and handling) - no questions asked! That's our no-nonsense, no-hassle promise to you - and it means you can order any item with full confidence and zero risk. (Note: full cases, half-cases are non-refundable.)

Are the ingredients in Flexiprin™ Clinically Studied?

The ingredients in Flexiprin™ have been clinically studied to:

• Improves joint comfort and flexibility in as little as 2 hours...not months like other products
After 4 Weeks:
• 80% reported using less medication or stopped taking them all together
• 100% had improved function for daily tasks (getting out of bed, taking off shoes and socks...)
• 100% had either less stiffness in the morning or no stiffness
After 8 Weeks:
• 88% found improvement in the pain experienced during walking
• 78% experienced better joint movement
• 83% had less pain while climbing stairs

Can Flexiprin™ help with tendon problems?

In new research which is soon to be published, the ingredients in Flexiprin™ were shown to significantly decrease a number of key pro-inflammatory cytokines (killer t-cells) after 10 days. This in itself is a good indication that Flexiprin™ could provide connective tissue protection by reducing inflammation.

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If you are ever less than fully satisfied with any Better Health Nutritionals product, let us know before 90 days from your original order date has passed and we will send you a prompt refund on your most recent purchase, less shipping and handling! That's our no-nonsense, no-hassle promise to you and it means you can order any item with full confidence and zero risk.
(Note: full cases, half-cases are non-refundable.)